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Thank you

Writing this letter has been the hardest. How can I possibly summarise the love and admiration I have for you?

From the very start, it was you that got me drawn into this rabbit hole. I still vividly remember the time I started listening to BTS. It was your face, your voice, your charisma that stood out the most for someone who was just starting to be a fan.

Everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be
But only I walk without purpose
But still, blending in with them is more comfortable

But the more I listened to your words, I came face to face with how much honesty and wisdom you had. With each new song I started to listen to, life felt… better? Suddenly, for the girl who only had music to confide in during a time in her life when everything seemed so bleak, each day started to feel more bearable. Slowly, I tried to be. I tried to fight a little bit more. I tried to love myself more. And it might seem surreal when I say that your music saved my life. But believe me, that is what you have been doing to people, not just me.

I’m just a person
You erode all my sharp edges
You make me
Into love

I am writing this on your birthday because I want to thank you for being Kim Namjoon. How lucky am I to have your music in my life, really? Thank you for your smile and music that keeps me fighting everyday.

Posted June 17, 2018 Shanice • RM

My sunshine

There is something magnetic about the way you smile, you dance, you share yourself to us. Finally attending my first BTS concert last year only proved how amazing your energy is. The way you owned the stage and sang and danced your heart out will be something I’ll never forget.

Seeing you make sure that everyone in the team is happy resonates with me so much more though. I become so inspired with how selfless you are and I can only hope to be like you. I know how hard that can be as that is something I also see myself always doing with the people around me but never have I seen you falter. Slowly though, I am getting better at it and I wish I can share that with you!

I hope you never stop being as you are. I am so glad to have you as my sunshine in my life as an ARMY!

Posted June 17, 2018 Shanice • J-Hope


I think I fell in love with you the moment you shared more of yourself though your photos and your love of fine arts. When I visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam last year, all I could think of is how much you would have enjoyed visiting as well. I bought and wrote you a postcard or two but never really got around to sending them because I’m sure you’ve received much more letters since then and I am sure you and the rest of the team gets love from everywhere.

What would an additional letter mean to you?

But I realize now that you’re probably someone who doesn’t mind going through all that. You always told us ARMY how much you love us, and for us to love you continuously, equally. One particular poignant moment is when you said that you try to make as much eye contact with your audience because that might be the only time you get to perform for us… for me. And that makes my heart swell so much love because how can I imagine to be an infinitely small being in a heart of someone as kind and generous as you?

Maybe I’ll get around to sending that postcard. Maybe I’ll be able to chat with you about all the artworks I have also fallen in love with. But for now, please know that you are one of my favorite artworks, Taehyung.

Posted June 17, 2018 Shanice • V

Best of Me

I don’t really know how else to put it: your existence makes me believe in possibilities.

There’s just something about you that makes me battle the odds and not be afraid to try new things. You make me feel like I can do whatever I set my mind to. I would always think to myself, “If you can do it, well why can’t I at least give it a try?” and it has gotten me through the toughest times during the past year.

You continue to remind me to not let just one thing define me and be boxed in by people’s expectations. You inspire me to dive into things I barely know (even learning Korean) and be more curious about how the world works. There’s so much more to you than meets the eye, and I really really wish people see that when they look at you. I want everyone to know about you and all the amazing things that you do. I’m so excited to see how much you’ll grow because there really is no limit to what you can do! ✨

You continue to inspire me to be the best version of myself, to never stop learning, and to just keep going!!! I can only hope to meet you one day, and I truly wish I’d be able to speak Korean by then. I love you, Jeon Jungkook, more than you will ever know! ☹️💜✨

PS. I sent you this playlist I made in the fancafe for your birthday last year, but you probably already know all of these songs. 😂 I’ve also been meaning to put together this video from when I visited Korea last December but I haven’t gotten around to actually making it. I’m not even sure if you’ll be able to even read this but hopefully by then I would have found the time to edit and upload it here! 📹🇰🇷

Posted June 12, 2018 Andi • Jungkook

Under The Same Moon

I don’t even know where to begin.

I just want to say I really, truly love you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what it is with you, but you’ve captivated me like no other, and I can’t really put it into words (but I’m gonna try).

Thank you for inspiring me to revisit my love for fashion and photography. I don’t know if I would’ve found my way back to my first loves if it weren’t for you. I also just want to say that your voice holds so much emotion, I still get goosebumps every time I put my playlist on shuffle and Stigma starts playing. On most days I look up at the moon and I’m reminded of you, and I know I’ll be I will never forget how much I cried listening to 4 O’Clock and how the emotions in your voice were translated in the song….. and well, I cried even more when I read the lyric translations. 😂😭

I always go back to this and it has really helped me calm down in most situations where the first thing I would do is panic. On most days I look up at the moon and I’m reminded of you and I know I’ll be okay. 😢 I admire who you are and I really really wish I was as charismatic as you. I love you a lot, Kim Taehyung. Thank you for being you! 보라해요! 🐯💜

PS. I remember writing to you in the fancafe with the photos I took when I went to Korea last year. I didn’t have the film scans from the disposable camera I brought back then, but here they are now! I wish I could go back there one day, hopefully when it isn’t as cold (it’s a miracle I survived the winter there). Thank you for inspiring me to take photos again and explore the beauty of film! 📸✨

Posted June 12, 2018 Andi • V

You Are Enough

I think I relate to you the most with how you are with yourself.

I didn’t realize I’ve been struggling with being kind to myself until I watched that Burn the Stage episode and I saw myself in you. No matter the situation, you try very hard. You always want to improve something too even when people see it as already good enough. You expect a lot from yourself, too and get frustrated and when you can’t seem do what you intended to do.

I want you to know that I’ve found comfort in knowing that I am not alone. I draw strength from you and your music, in knowing that with hard work, perseverance and by giving your best, you cannot really fail. I still sometimes find myself in tears when I listen to You Never Walk Alone and the lyrics suddenly make sense. I love how you support and hype up all the members and I just want to say that you’re doing great, too, Jimin! I wish I could be to you how you are with them. Please know that I’ll always be cheering for you from where I am right now! ✨

Thank you for reminding me to be kind and patient with myself. Your hard work inspires me so much, you don’t even know huhu and your laughter brings me joy. I’m looking forward to the day we’re both satisfied with the things we can do and truly be happy about it. To be confident and to love ourselves—all parts of it. Thank you for being such a sweet little mochi, Park Jimin! I love you! 😿💜

P.S. I like taking instax photos too and I wanted to share a few of my favorites from my collection!

Posted June 12, 2018 Andi • Jimin

My Sunshine, My Hope

Everything that you are radiates light.

You taught me to smile despite the hardships—maybe then things wouldn’t be as hard as I make it seem to be. I admire you for not letting things intimidate you, especially when you started out not knowing anything about rapping. You worked hard towards a goal and you pursued what you wanted to do. I look up to your dedication with finishing your own solo rap mixtape (which I really reaaaally love huhu).

I want you to know that you are my source of strength. Thank you for making me laugh during Run BTS episodes hahaha! It still amazes me how much you truly light up the room just by being there. I really wish I could watch you perform live on stage for the upcoming Love Yourself World Tour. I know I missed a lot when you went here in Manila for the WINGS Tour (all my friends couldn’t stop talking about your Cypher pt.4 and MAMA stages)!!!

Thank you for being the sunshine in this very dark world right now. I wish I can shine as bright as you do for other people too!!! Thank you for blessing us with your existence. I really don’t know how else to put it, so thank you for being you, Jung Hoseok! I love you! 🌞💜✨

Posted June 12, 2018 Andi • J-Hope

So Far Away

“Everyone else is running, why am I the only one here?” 

I’ve never met a more dedicated person to their craft and I can only aspire to be as passionate as you are with it. You do things because you like it. You genuinely want people to listen to your music and it shows with what you produce. You don’t pretend to be anything you aren’t and I’ll always be thankful for that constant reminder.

So Far Away will always have a special place in my heart. I always feel like I’m lagging behind and that I should be heading somewhere else, but where to, I don’t really know. Those thoughts come and go and they give me so much pressure to figure my life out. Listening to your music has been a way to remind me that it’s okay—where I am right now is okay. You don’t have to always work towards something and simple joys are important too.

I will hold those words dear to my heart. Your music make me feel less alone. Thank you for sharing your music and your life, Min Yoongi! 😊💜

Posted June 12, 2018 Andi • Suga

Keep Fighting

Confidence King, I look up to you so much. I always find myself thinking, “If I could have Jin’s confidence right now, I’d be okay!!!” And then I go about what I need to do, with you on my mind.

I honestly don’t know how you manage everything. There’s so much we don’t see behind the scenes but your hard work shines through each performance, each song you release to the world. I can still remember listening to Crystal Snow in the dead of night and crying because of your vocals, and I still get goosebumps when you hit that high note. You work so hard to get to where you are now and I just want to say I’m so soooo proud of you. Your hard work inspires me to do so much! You give your best to not disappoint anyone, and I admire that about you. You make me want to be a more positive person, to look at the brighter side of things and not dwell too much on the negativity because there’s always something to be thankful for. 😭😭😭

I wish I could’ve seen you perform Awake live and hear your angelic voice. You always think about ARMYs all the time, and I can only dream of witnessing your heart events firsthand. Your dad jokes will always put a smile on my face (and I’m ecstatic when I understand them while I’m learning Korean now haha!). The sound of your laughter will always be one of my favorites.

Thank you for constantly reminding me to work hard and not give up. Thank you for existing, Kim Seokjin! ☹️💜✨

Posted June 12, 2018 Andi • Jin

Found My Way

“I still believe even though it’s unbelievable to lose your path is the way to find that path”

I met you during a time in my life when I truly felt lost. I remember because I wrote it in my journal, and I still go back to it every now and then. The first time I read the lyrics of Lost after listening to it for weeks, I ended up crying. I didn’t think I needed to hear it from you to truly understand what it meant. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to be lost, to be comfortable with the uncertainty of it all, and that by losing yourself, trust that you’ll eventually find your way again.

Your music, your lyrics, your words bring comfort to me; I want you to know that you make me feel understood. The way your mind works still amazes me most of the time. I swear I can only dream of talking to you for hours and I’m pretty sure it still wouldn’t be enough. I always look forward to your fancafe messages, even if it’s just to say you suddenly miss ARMYs hahaha! You said you’d post more and you really do, so thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

I went to Korea last December and I told myself I’d visit the Han River, lowkey hoping you’d be there but who am I kidding, I would probably not approach you because I’d be too scared hahaha! The weather was too cold then and the time was too short so I wasn’t able to go. Maybe next time I’ll see you there?

I met you during a time in my life when I truly felt lost, and I’ve never been more grateful. I guess I just want to say thank you for being a constant inspiration to me. It’s been more than a year and I still don’t know what I’m doing but I’m enjoying this journey of finding my way back. Thank you for making me believe in myself again! 🤗💜✨

Posted June 12, 2018 Andi • RM

As brave as you

Kim Taehyung,

There is so much more to you than meets the eye. Sometimes goofy, other times aloof and deep in thought. I can only wonder what goes through your head.

At times I see myself in you. Your interest in photography, art. How you choose these mediums to express yourself apart from music.

But what I admire most about you, and what I lack the most, is courage. You march to the beat of your own drum without a care in the world. You do what you want without fear of judgment. Maybe some day I’ll learn to be as brave as you. For now I’ll keep watching with admiration.

Wishing you wonderful light always. ✨

Posted June 12, 2018 Sara • V

Keep learning

Jeon Jungkook,

Just so you know, you caught my attention first when I watched FIRE. You looked so handsome and charismatic that I automatically believed you were the leader. Little did I know that behind that charisma was a baby bunny.

Jokes aside, I wonder what it is you can’t do. You’re so good at everything you set your mind to. You work tirelessly without question (at least it seems that way to me). Dancing, singing, writing, even video editing. The possibilities for you are endless. The best part of it all is that you enjoy learning as it is.

I hope you continue to learn by yourself or with your hyungs. If you ever decide to learn diving again, let me know. I’ll meet you in the water.

Posted June 12, 2018 Sara • Jungkook

As you are

Park Jimin,

The way you dance moves me. Though you’re seemingly bubbly and happy all the time, I know there’s depth to you. I see it in the way you dance. Your expression changes completely. Whoever’s watching is left in awe.

Not only are you talented, you’re also such a kind person. You always worry about the people around you. You make sure they’re comfortable. That they’re not having a hard time. It’s taught me to be kind like you.

Now I don’t want to be presumptuous, but please be kind to yourself, too. I’ve seen glimpses of how hard you can be on yourself when you don’t deserve it. You’re so great at what you do—dancing, singing—that you don’t have to try so hard.

We love you as you are.

If you’re ever feeling down, remember this letter and this cat looking lovingly at you.

Posted June 12, 2018 Sara • Jimin

All eyes on you

Jung Hoseok,

You are made to perform. I bet you already know that, but I had to say it anyway. Watching you move on that stage at the WINGS concert was life-changing. All eyes were on you. I can only imagine the number of people who fell in love with you that night. (Or should I say the whole WINGS tour?)

I remember watching a livestream of your first WINGS concert in Seoul. I cried watching you perform MAMA on your birthday with your mom actually watching. She must be so proud of you.

Thank you for blessing this Earth with your performance. And your mixtape, of course.

Here I’m attaching a photo of my real-life boyfriend who at times reminds me of you. I think you’d like his style, too.

Posted June 12, 2018 Sara • J-Hope

Maybe you can fly

Kim Seokjin,

Awake was my favorite solo in the WINGS album. I cried watching you sing live at the WINGS Tour in Manila. That itself is a testament to how truly talented and gifted you are. You have the ability to move people with your singing and the music you write. By now you should know—you can fly. You already are flying.

Thank you for making my older sister (unnie) happy, too. Having you as her bias has given her another reason to smile everyday.

I can only wish we can eat together some day. A girl can dream. For now, I’ll just show you what Filipino food is like.

Posted June 12, 2018 Sara • Jin

To the biggest softie in Bangtan

Min Yoongi,

You are my slow burn. It took time getting here but here I am. Out of all the members, it’s you I relate to the most. Maybe because I love sleeping as much as you do. Maybe because people misunderstand our lazy demeanor when we actually care A LOT about the things important to us.

Your AGUST D mixtape was the clincher. When you released your mixtape I was going through a really hard time myself. Those were the days I did nothing but eat, sleep, and watch BTS videos. If it weren’t for you and your music, I wouldn’t have gotten through that dark time.

You gave me a reason to wake up and I am so so thankful for that.

Saranghaeyo, Min Yoongi. Here’s a picture of my dog because I know it’d make your heart soft.

Posted June 12, 2018 Sara • Suga

From my side of the ocean to yours


Words will never express how you’ve been a constant inspiration in my life. Your music, your honesty, and the consoling messages you give to ARMY. They’ve all given me comfort during hard times. At times you feel like an old friend who just happens to live all the way in South Korea. Language barrier and cultural differences aside, I feel I can truly relate to you. Your reflections about life and self-love are things I think about often as well.

I wish you become more of who you are as time passes. Wish the same for me too.

Please know that I’m sending you love everyday. From my side of the ocean to yours.

Posted June 12, 2018 Sara • RM

To the boy who’s non-stop

Whenever I get the chance to talk about BTS to other people, you’d always be one of the members I’d talk about first. You are just so talented and interesting that everyone can always find something to love about you. Even I can’t shut up about how great you are sometimes.

You worked so hard to be that amazing ✨ You never stopped learning. You never let yourself stay in one place. I am so proud of you. And this is just me, an ARMY from far away. I can only imagine how proud your loved ones must be of you.

You’re a reminder to all ARMYs that we should never stop doing our best in everything we do. You remind us to keep going and to always, always stay grateful especially to the people who made you who you are today. Thank you for that, Jungkook ❤️ You’ve grown up to be such a wonderful person. I’m excited to see what you make of your future!

I love you, Golden Maknae! Thank you for existing ☺

Posted June 5, 2018 Jenny • Jungkook

To my favorite social butterfly

The best lesson I’ve learned from you is to never be afraid of change. We should keep growing, keep trying new things, and keep challenging ourselves. Because that’s when we discover more about who we are and what we want to do.

It’s really inspiring to watch you take on new adventures. Whether it be writing music, photography, or even just being a new dog parent. You really put your whole heart in everything you do. It really shows! It makes me want to get of my ass and work on myself, too!

You’re awesome, Taehyung! Keep doing you! Thank you so much for existing and being my inspiration. Will forever purple you 💜

Here’s a picture of my baby sleeping at our office!!! He’s a Pomeranian like Yeontan! Hehe 🐶😂

Posted June 5, 2018 Jenny • V

To our genius

“It’s okay if you don’t have a dream. You just have to be happy.”

Those words right there, Min Yoongi ☝ You said this last year and it had a big impact on me. I almost cried when I heard the same mesage from Paradise, too 😭 All my life I’ve been trying to keep up and prove myself to others. Only recently have I decided to live my life for myself and just try to be happy.

With this, I realized that everyone has their own pace. You understand that everyone is different. We love differently. We deal with our struggles differently. You taught me to judge less and to be more accepting of people as they are.

What you taught me is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life. You really are a genius 😄 Thank you for your music and for just existing. I love you very much, Yoongi 💜

Posted June 5, 2018 Jenny • Suga

To my worldwide idol

You know how some people can just be themselves but still have the biggest impact on others? That’s Kim Seokjin for me ✋

You are so full of life. You’re funny and so endearing. The members can easily talk about how you always brighten up the mood in any room. You have a talent for making people comfortable wherever you go, because you yourself are comfortable with who you are.

Just by being you, you’ve helped me love myself a little more. I started to filter myself less for other people. I’m less afraid of being judged. I’m becoming more of myself because I started to get to know you.

Not only that, but I’ve learned to love the not-so-great parts of me too. Especially with Awake, you taught me that I just have to accept and live my truth. This is who I am. This is how much I can give. But as long as I am giving it my best, that’ll be enough. I will forever be grateful for that message.

I don’t know how you do it, Jin. But your existence, alone, is inspiring. I hope you know how amazing you are. I love you so much! Thank you for existing, Worldwide Handsome 🤗💜

Posted June 5, 2018 Jenny • Jin

To the guy with the biggest heart

Let me just say it: You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known.

When people tell you that you’re a work of art, believe them. Because there really isn’t any other way to describe you on stage. Every performance you give takes me on a journey. Ask my friends. They know how many times I’ve cried from watching videos of you.

You make everything look effortless. When in reality, we all know how hard you’ve worked for every single stage you give us. The hard work shows, Jimin! And all of us appreciate it.

But what I love most about you is how you have so much love in your heart. It touches my soul to see you care for your members the way you do. You keep showing everyone how kindness can bring out the best in people 💜 I just hope you are as kind to yourself as you are with the people around you.

Thank you for always including us in all your victories, too. This goes out to all of BTS, of course. Thank you guys so much for always making us feel that we’re part of your journey. Don’t worry. We’ll always have your back. We have a lot more dreams to turn into reality 🌟

I love you. I love everything about you. Thank you for existing, Park Jimin 💗✨

Posted June 5, 2018 Jenny • Jimin

To our incredible leader

First of all, I apologize that none of my letters are in Korean. And I apologize if you will have to translate for the other members (if you actually get to read these, of course 😂). But anyway, hello!

I think one of you said something like “Even if we can’t be there for you physically, I hope our music can comfort you”. Let me tell you. Your music has helped people get through so many tough times. It makes us feel like we’re not alone. I love hearing other people’s stories about how a specific song or lyric helped them to get back up. It’s so comforting to know people all over the world share the same worries and struggles. It’s comforting to know that the people we look up to share them, too. All of that love and support started from your words, RM! The ARMYs are grateful for the family you’ve helped to build.

I guess I want to say the same thing to you, too. Even if we can’t be there to tell you how much we appreciate you, I hope these letters serve as a reminder. Our words will never be enough to show you how much you’ve changed our lives. But I hope this project is a start.

The world needs more people like you, Namjoon. Thank you for your music and thank you for existing 🙌 I love you very much.

Posted June 5, 2018 Jenny • RM

To my spirit animal

I see myself the most in you. Or at least I see what I aspire to be the most in you. You never stop trying to be the ball of sunshine that you are (even if it gets hard). You are so strong and calm in any given situation, and I can see how reassuring your presence is to the other members. I try to be that person for the people around me, too. Plus, you are one of the most amazing performers I have ever seen! You absolutely killed the WINGS concert! You were born to do what you do. I’m so happy you’re living your dream 😁

Hobi, I love your energy, your dedication, and your strength. I admire you so much as an artist and as a person. I can only hope to be half the person you are 🙏

You make people like me want to be better people for others. I hope you never get tired of being our Hope. I love you so so so much, J-Hope! Thank you for existing!

Posted June 4, 2018 Jenny • J-Hope


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