Jeon Jungkook (전정국)

Main Vocalist • Lead Dancer • Maknae

Golden Maknae • Jeongguk • Muscle Pig • Jungkookie • Kookie • '97-오빠 (oppa)

  • Sep 1, 1997

  • 21 years old

  • Busan

  • Virgo

  • INFP

  • 178cm (5’10”)

  • 66kg (145lbs)

  • A

  • Mom • Dad • Older Brother

An Introduction to Jungkook

Q: ... Is there a member whose future you anticipate the most?

RM: It’s Jungkook for me. Although I don’t know how much more Jungkook will improve, he’s good at various things, and doesn’t lack in anything. He’s good-looking, and he has a lot of greed, so he’s proficient in instruments and sports. He’s good at everything except being funny. To be honest, when it’s just us, Jungkook is the funniest. But he freezes when he goes out on broadcast. (Laughter) I feel like in the future, if Jungkook just cracks one last thing, he’ll be able to improve a lot, so I anticipate Jungkook the most.

— MBN News, August 24, 2014 (Translated by Hyejin @ bts-trans) • Introduction to BTS Series (@gadaursan)


Why We Love Him

  • Likes working out, will beat any other member in any physical challenge.
  • Wants to be a professional gamer.
  • Has the most SoundCloud covers.
  • Our memekook, always Jungshook.
  • Covers his nose instead of his mouth when he yawns.
  • Great at imitating the other members (and they just let him do it).
  • Our baby boy who cares so much about his hyungs (Exhibit A: his solo track "Begin").
  • He rarely posts on Twitter, but when he does, it's always to share song covers, travel videos (G.C.F. or Golden Closet Films, watch them below), or photos he took of other members (#golden_closet_photo).

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