Park Jimin (박지민 )

Lead Vocalist • Main Dancer

Jiminie • Chimchim

  • Oct 13, 1995

  • 23 years old

  • Busan

  • Libra

  • ENFJ

  • 173.6 (5’8.3”

  • 61kg (134 lbs)

  • A

  • Dad • Mom • Younger Brother

An Introduction to Jimin

Q: Still, looking at the lyrics that carry your experiences, it seems like you had difficult times in the last 5 years.

JIMIN: Maybe now is the loneliest and most exhausting time. We've always said that we were happy. But I felt lonely realizing that there is no one to understand me when a hard time comes. It was just a while ago, but I listened to our songs and watched our live performance videos. I felt a little bit better.

—BTS "Behind our success is sincerity and ability, not social media", Yonhap News, January 28, 2018, Translated by doolset (@doolsetbangtan) • Introduction to BTS Series (@gadaursan)


Why We Love Him

  • Studied contemporary dance in high school (he was one of the top students). Figures why he shines dancing pieces like Spring Day, Butterfly, and For You.
  • ARMYs call him manggaetteok because of his cute and fluffy appearance. (Try Googling ‘manggaetteok’ and you’ll see what we mean.)
  • He, according to Namjoon, has got no jams.
  • Pushes his hair back 1000x a day.
  • Probably posts the most on Twitter. He usually posts selfies. Sometimes he even posts photos of the other members. One time fans were so desperate for Yoongi that Jimin posted a photo of him.
  • Says ARMYs won instead of them every time they win an award.
  • An angel. He cares for everyone so much.

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